Grade Thoroughbreds up for studs [09/10]

SweetChinMusic [Gold || 145 posts] on 2/02/2022 1:29 pm

I'm offering several Grade TBs for studs.

Things you need to be aware of:
- They are all trained in Flat Racing, no exception.
- They are exclusively between 3 and 15 years old.
- All of them are either 4 or 5 stars.
- Because of my timezone, all studs are put in private. I usually am done taking care of them at 5am game time which means they're then too tired to breed for majority of players. Thus, private requests will enable me to accept the breeding request the day after.
- Requests to use my Grade TBs for crossbreeds or campaign are very much welcome!
- If you prefer to use ingot, please contact me as the studs are currently listed with bits fees. Rate is 1 ingot = 250 bits.
- I refund the failed breeding requests. If you didn't receive a refund, it means I forgot to check if the breeding succeeded so don't hesitate to message me about it!

Grade TB studs Age PS (listed by) Level

Fee (bits)

Artefact I | E A+ Cr² Lp Patn1 Rn 14 3801 87 37k
Condottieri | E At Cr Rb Lp Patn1 13 3734 83 32.5k
Coslow | At² So Cr Ch Rb 15 3542 79 33.5k
Galahad | E At D Rb Lp Patn1 13 3492 75 30.5k
Rascasse | At A D Pa Rb To 13 3452 82 32.5k
Shiji Shogun | E A+ f prl Rb Sw3 10 3200 76 30.5k
Zip It | G prl D Rb 14 3199 83 29.5k
Master of Oz | E At So Ch Rb Lp Rn Sw3 5 2915 59 27.5k
Napolitean | E² A+ f Cr prl Patn1 Sw1 5 2638 54 27k
Carrouge | E A prl Patn2 W2 Sw3 5 2626 53 26k
Delirium | E Cr Z Patn2 To Sw3 6 2557 57 27k
Vesper | A+ f Z Rb Sw1 3 2437 37 23.5k
Quiet Prayer | E G Cr prl Ch Z To 5 2370 51 23k
Corbusier II | E G Ch Rb Lp Patn2 Sw3 3 2367 32 23.5k


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