Development Update 1.2

Bedouin [Admin || 30 posts] on 11/22/2021 10:20 am

📜 Intro Quests

After a long town meeting, plenty of practice, and even a bit of bribery, all the town locals now should know how to properly greet all newcomers. All introduction quests to HoFa are in and working! It took many, many, days to convince Mason and others to stop talking in circles or even just open their doors! From here on out, everyone should be able to complete 12 different quests with more coming soon. Each quest rewards bits, ingots, items, or quest points.

On the Quest page, Explore>Quests, you can now see descriptions of quests you’ve completed or those available to you. 

Everyone has been restarted in the quests. This is to ensure you get all points from the quests and have all player traits recorded (more on these below). For your trouble, you can keep the extra custom horse. :)

✨ Player Level

The player level bar in the top banner now actually changes! Player level is earned through questing and determined by the number of quest points you have. In the coming months, as we expand our quests and quest point earnings, player levels will be able to increase and will play a role in new gameplay aspects. Keep an eye out for updates on this!!

⭐ Player Traits

On the quests page, you will see something quite new: player traits! These traits currently have no effect on gameplay but will determine many different aspects of exploring and even questing later. What trait will you most excel at?

💸 Starting Cash

To help those new to the economy, starting bits has been increased to 75k.

Everyone has been given $50,000 to compensate for this change.

💼 New Career!

Word got around that many of those new to lands are struggling to make ends meet and are having trouble making bits. To help everyone, a new career center has been added and is free to everyone who has joined or will join in the future. Putting horses into a career is free and guarantees an income, which will be helpful for anyone starting out.

The new career center, Modeling Stage, is perfect for those horses who excel in simply walking in a line down the catwalk. Hey, we wish we could all look that good AND get paid to do it.

❓ Help Site

The help site is still being built as Reed LePage is only one person and can only accomplish so much writing in a single day. Thankfully, the pure and crossbreed pages have been added and gene pages are mostly done. These can be viewed on the help site under “Horses.”

🦃 Holiday Break

The majority of HoFa’s team is US-based and will therefore be celebrating Thanksgiving this upcoming week with friends and family. To give time to fully rest up after launch, the team will be taking this next week off. Some of the staff will still be around to help answer questions and address issues, but we’ll have limited capacity this week to do much beyond that.

🦟 Bug Fixes

Listed are the latest bug fixes:

  • Horses can now be put up for public sale.
  • Gg horses now have grey images.
  • Genes are now appearing correctly. No more flipped genes!
  • You can now select Patn1/Patn2 in the Design Lab.
  • Trades with embryos, straws, and eggs should now work.
  • Some fixes were made to the Breeding Clinic to get it working again.

We will be continuing more bug fixes after the holiday break!


Bedouin and Curly


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11/22/2021 11:02 am

Yay! I'm so excited~ Thank you guys for all your hard work! 😄❤️



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11/22/2021 12:49 pm

Great push!

Thank you. :D



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11/22/2021 2:38 pm

I started the introductory quest and got a designer coin yet again on the same account. I guess that shouldn't happen?

Oh and, happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! 🌟


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11/24/2021 7:24 am

Thank you so much!

Maki Welcome Wagon

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11/24/2021 1:29 pm

Yeah I had to start over and got the coin again


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