Spanish Norman Horse Registry - the modern re-creation of the medieval knight's charger!

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The Spanish Norman Horse blends the Andalusian of Spain and the Percheron of France to recreate the noble horse that once charged across the battlefields of medieval Europe. Genetic research shows that both the Andalusian and Percheron share Barb ancestry, and that the early Spanish horses influenced the Norman horses of medieval France that went on to become known as Percherons. With their shared genetic history the Andalusian and Percheron combine to produce offspring that approximates the old Norman warsteed.


The Spanish Norman is a versatile and athletic heavy warmblood sporthorse, embodying the heritage of its courageous ancestors. The Andalusian blood brings the elegance, boldness, and natural collection. The Percheron blood brings the size and strength. Together they blend with a unique sense of presence, character, and temperament. They excel in a multitude of disciplines including show jumping, eventing, dressage, driving, and pulling. They also perform in historical re-enactments and medieval games, and are wonderful pleasure and parade horses.




The breed cross is 50% Andalusian and 50% Percheron. Joining and horse registration are both $1. There is a breeding spreadsheet for members to match their horses to those of other members. In the future there will be tag sales to help fund the campaign coins needed.



Come gallop into battle with us!


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5/17/2023 12:24 am

Thank you for getting the club active again! I've got a few horses in it again.  Also thank you for that spreadsheet, that is fantastic!




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