The Breeding Games

Mrs Ryans [Basic || 52 posts] on 5/04/2023 3:25 am

the breeding games is solo and you must follow the rules closely, the winner will recive a tack set, second place will recive 3 gems and third place will recive 2 horse decor items, 4th place will get a flower. Please no arguments in the comments because if you do you are out of this competion. No Breeding With My Horses cause if you do your out aswell

results are in

1. Rowdy Ketteldrum From Spellbound

2.Cosette Hawk From Mary Smith

3. Galaxy Taffy From Siver Creek Training Stables

4. Ordinary Cosette From Mary Smith

5. Legend Ryans From Ryans Horses

1. the foal must be born before the end of may 2023 but can be born on the 1st of may aswell

2. the foal MUST be a mix and have 4 or more diffrent breed bloodlines

3. the foal must not be retired 

4. you can enter as many foals as you wan't they just have to fit Rule 2 

5. you can enter foals on any account you own

6. you can breed with another horse from somewhere else but you must give them credit 

Don't get upset that you lost be happy beacuse you did your best ⬅️ not a quote.

Ryans Horses

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5/04/2023 4:19 am

Legend Ryans

BORN 1 may 2023


Maki Welcome Wagon

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5/04/2023 7:15 pm

Man I got one of them on my side already but he isnt a foal by any means haha 

Time to breed another


Breeding Top Thoroughbreds and Saddlebreds



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5/04/2023 10:21 pm

Mary Smith

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5/09/2023 8:37 am

Ordinary Cosette

Born day 8 of May


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Loving HoFa, and waiting for Lusitanos and Brazilian Breeds<3

Mrs Ryans

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5/09/2023 5:30 pm

thanks it works now

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Mary Smith

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5/15/2023 7:02 pm

Cosette Hawk

Born day 15 of May


Loving HoFa, and waiting for Lusitanos and Brazilian Breeds<3

Silver Creek Training Stables

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5/18/2023 5:29 pm

Mrs Ryans

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5/18/2023 6:25 pm

Keep sending in entries guys 

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