Hildr Horse Registry - the mount of Vikings!

Astre [Bronze || 17 posts] on 4/29/2023 5:18 pm

Ships on vigor of the waves are skimmingBarren summits to the verdant plainsEach horizon is a new beginningRise and reign


The Hildr Horse is a fanciful creation of the battle mounts of the Vikings, known for its many attributes: sturdiness, reliability, strength, elegance, gracefulness, precision. The word 'hildr' means battle, and is also not just a given name for Viking women but also the name of a Valkyrie who had the power to revive the dead in battlefields. This breed is a light draft sporting mount of moderate height that excels at English disciplines. They come in all colors of the parent breeds, but shades of dun seem to be the most common.


Far from the fjords and the ice cold currentsRavens soar over new frontiersSongs and sagas of a fate determinedShields and spears


The breed cross is 50% Friesian and 50% Norwegian Fjord. Joining and horse registration are both $1. There is a breeding spreadsheet for members to match their horses to those of other members. In the future there will be tag sales to help fund the campaign coins needed.


Vows of favor or the thrill of plunderPull together for the clan and kinClank of hammers and the crash of thunderPound within

The echoes of eternity
To pluck the strings of destiny
Valhalla calling me

lyrics Valhalla Calling by Miracle of Sound, image from Adobe Stock


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