yet another horse game for me to join?? woo

Tyra [Basic || 3 posts] on 3/10/2023 11:38 am

heyoo, i joined horse fable today and i am slowly figuring things out xD

i'm 25, from sweden and studying nature conservation. :D 

i would love some friends! or just tips and tricks lol





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3/11/2023 3:59 pm



Below is some tips on how to earn bits decently, also make use of the wiki if you need further help, there is also a Discord to use if need be or even the forums itself.


Besides careers with horses; This is under Estate tab, Career Center. You can send them out every half hour. You could also host your own player run shows. Town --> Shows Arena. I believe as a Basic Member you can host 3 shows per day. The Construction tab under Market should show you the other Show Rings options to see what you can and cannot have.

If you can upgrade down the line, you can buy more slots for running shows, so for example, I have all 20. I do 3 shows in Universal Flat Racing, 3 in Elite, all the way down until all 20 shows are done. I used to do it randomly for the disciplines my horses were in but now I stick to Flat Racing only.

Not only that, you can either go to the Dark Mines to earn some bits and sometimes even ingots as well as possibly finding some gems. These gems, you can sell to other players: Market. Marketplace. Newest Trades. I forgot where, but some gems are worth 1k and some are worth 2k; I think that info might be in Discord but I cannot recall.

You could also explore the game by clicking through tabs or clicking through players' horses to find items be it Dyes, Treat Items or even Wild Horses. Wild Horses require little bit more work to capture but you can find 3*, 4* and 5* wilds and sell them if you do not want them. You can out them into the Auctions flat out or put them up in the Newest Trades that way and ask for other things that isn't concretely set for bits.

The items you can use to capture these wilds can be petting them ((it takes energy so be mindful of this)). Lassos. Whistles or treat items; ex: Alfalfa. Clover. Apples. Molasses etc. You could also go to Craft Room tab and hit up the Cooking tab to combine items to create a balled treat. Oats and Alfalfa is considered secondary items while the others, excluding Molasses, is considered first items. The Molasses you can take and use those balled items to create sweet treats which will help even moreso with capturing the wilds. Be mindful this also cost bits to make but can be worth it in the end.

Or if you want, those treat items you can sell to others under Newest Trades if you want to wait until you are more established with money.


If you ever become a subscriber to the game or find ingots to sell, they go for 350 ((or 300, I cannot remember this right now, unfortunately)) to 500 bit per ingot and anything higher is not worth the price.


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3/11/2023 4:19 pm

Oooh, thank you so much for the tips! :D There is so much to read up on and figure out. I feel a bit overwhelmed but I'm trying. xD


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3/11/2023 5:44 pm

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, and I can try helping you out ^^ Its definitely rough in the beginning and earning bits but have a small herd of horses, work with them and then slowly branch out into owning more horses.


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3/11/2023 6:11 pm

I will, thank you so much! :D It's always a stuggle I find, to not buy too many horses in the beginning of a game. xD


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3/11/2023 6:50 pm

This one you kinda have to start off with a smaller herd so this way it doesn't overwhelm you while learning the game and learning how to earn bits.


I used to be small but I've grown to over 100 and was slowly creeping on my stall limit again, so I had to change some tactics around and I'm not as close anymore but still over 100 XD

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