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Hello! I'm a new player, I really love the art that the game has for the horses and the breeding aspects of the game. However, despite my horses making profit from their shows, I'm loosing a lot of money still. I put some in the bank so I have that to fall back on, but how do I make more money in the game?


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3/09/2023 3:40 pm

Careers are a good way to make money as they run for 30 minutes and you can do them as long as your horse has energy so you can get quite a few runs in a day. 


You can explore the Dark Horse Mine and sometimes find money in there as well as gemstones that you can sell in the marketplace for money. 


Exploring around the site you can find items in popups like treats, dyes and wild horses which can also be sold in the marketplace for money. 


If you have a small show arena you can start by hosting 3 shows a day and earn some money from that. 


We also currently have one game in the game room you can play an infinite amount of times and earn $100 bits with each win. 


If you obtain ingots in any way (buying with real money, finding in the mine, or earning from sales or stud fees) you can sell them in the marketplace as well. The going rate for them is 350-500 bits per 1 ingot, though some people are trying to sell them for a heck of a lot more than they are worth. If you price accordingly they will sell quickly. 


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