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Emporia [Basic || 3 posts] on 3/08/2023 12:15 pm

Hi all! I'm Emporia, or hawkeblocke on discord/elsewhere. I do not work with or own horses irl but live in the middle of nowhere, Kansas, where I see a lot of horses/cattle due to the nature of the communities and evironment around the state.
I work in unloading/freight processing in the distribution industry in the city (yes, that is a very fancy way to describe blue collar work at a warehouse).  I am married, and my husband has plans to join a cdl trucking company after he gets out of the military next year.

At home, I have a cat! His name is Moe, and he is a medium haired big tuxedo boy.  He likes to eat three times a day and will go on hunger strikes if you change his food in any way.  His favorite hobbies include napping in the sun, screaming for food, and killing. He is, after all, an obligate carnivore, and has the perfect assassin build.  He is wanted in fifteen states for war crimes.

I also have a dog! His name is Rico, and he is a Border Collie.  He was born on Feb-28-2016, and has been with me for 7 years (when I brought him home, he was just 2 months old!). I've learned so much about how to raise dogs from him, what I am capable of as a handler, and what I still need to improve on if I want to continue to enjoy having dogs in my life. While I am not a professional dog trainer, I do believe that you are obligated to give the best life possible to all living beings under your care. I always what to look for ways to improve the lives of my companions.

Here on Horse Fable, I apparantly joined a couple years ago, but have only started playing recently (I do that alot, once I get an itch to play simulator games).  I am a self described trinket goblin, and like to collect all the pretty things so may struggle with things like stable capacity in the future lol. I am GREATLY intrerested in Horse Fable's crossbreeds and crossbreed campaigns! I plan on starting a line of Appendix Quarter Horses, Aztecas, and (possibly)Quarter Paints. I've also joined the Pintaloosa Crossbreed Campaign and look forward to contirbuting to the breed!

Right now, between two accounts, I have a collection of starter Mustangs, American Paints, American Saddlebreds, Quarter Horses, and Thoroughbreds to work with. And I plan on setting up a third, sales, account once I have horses I don't feel guilty about selling, and to help with the aforementioned trinket goblin problem.

I also hear yall like charts, or used to. And now I do to because I find the concept so interesting (I've been on the internet for like 10+ years, playing games like wajas in my youth and never once did I think to chart). Plus??? like the things you can DO  with spreadsheets? Amazing. If you know about that kinda stuff, tell me more. I wanna know all the things, use them for my silly little horses, and never let these new, totally marketable skills translate into the job market. Because ADHD.

Annnnd now that that tangent in over, I'm happy to be playing with you all!

Friendly Neighborhood Trinket Goblin

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