Huisne Warmblood Association Campaign

Shokubeni2 [Platinum || 53 posts] on 3/02/2023 5:01 pm

With the end of one campaign, comes the start of another!

Looking for a hearty horse, with solid bone structure, and the ability to go any direction? Want a nice mount for some Cross Country riding? Something that can pull driving team events and take home the money while getting all the oohs and aahs? Look no further! The Huisne Warmblood has begun!


The Huisne Warmblood is a cross between the Thoroughbred and Percheron. Named after the the river that is found in Perche, France - the area the Percheron orginated from. Warmblood, obviously due to their sporthorse crossings. They are an athletic, tall, trustworthy mount for your needs. Farmwork? Check. Carriage work? Check. Taking your kid to upper levels of eventing? Check! Gen 1 is currently finished, and I've more on the way. I'll be looking to breed more as well once my foundation perchies level up more too. If anyone needs any to breed to for this project, feel free to contact me! Join us and join the fun! Or just join and ponder thy orb on it. Either way, let's get us a new warmblood!


--- more information to come, right now just trying to muster up some joins and attention!

--- if you are interested and would like help acquiring stock to begin this cross, feel free to get in contact with me and I'll gladly help you get things sorted out money/horse wise. :)

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