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MadEquid [Basic || 2 posts] on 2/28/2023 4:32 pm

As anyone can see and tell, or even both, I'm new to Horse Fable! Feels good to be here. To be quite honest I'm positive that this is one of the best horse browser games I've encountered so far, and I've been having fun. I've got vague horse plans with very little stuck-in-stone--racing, steeplechasing, endurance, and cross-country Marwaris, for example--and I think I'm steadily getting there, along with being ecstatic that I can breed crossbreeds that have actually distinct art. (Amazing, Showstopping, Spectacular, Never Been Done Before--)

So, hi! Nice to meet y'all.

Beauty and Grace

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3/01/2023 8:05 am

Heyyyy! I breed Flat Racing Mustangs...

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3/07/2023 11:55 pm

Nice to meet you as well! Hope you continue enjoying your horses. The several different types for Crossbreeds are a pretty cool touch for the game! (draft crosses, stock crosses, ponies etc)  ^_^





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3/13/2023 1:47 pm

@Beauty and Grace

That's awesome! :D



I love the different images for the generic crossbreeds! I'm obsessed with Light Drafts! :D

Beauty and Grace

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3/20/2023 6:54 pm

MadEquid, what do you plan on breeding?

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