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TheDustyAngel [Gold || 16 posts] on 8/09/2022 6:07 pm

I logged in not too long ago on mobile and was greeted with, I had a Breeding Request, so I hit View and it took me to my horse Ocean Clouds page. I looked all over but I saw nothing about breeding with him that someone wants to use him even looking at it on my pc shows nothing as well.

This is the second time it has happened and I'm quite confused on where did the breeding request go or is it possible someone can rescind that request or is it some where's else that I am completely missing it?

Looking at the Wiki page, to note I simply typed in Private Breeding hoping to find a more concrete answer and it gave me Studs & Broods, so I look over it and unfortunately, there is little to no information on what to do if you do get a request for a private stud. I feel like maybe this information should also be added to the Wiki page? Unless it is some where's else in the Wiki itself that I am missing or some where's on this website that I am missing overall.


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8/09/2022 6:12 pm

You can find breeding requests to your stud / brood when you go to edit their profile, nearly at the bottom of the page.

There's a section called 'Breeding Requests', below the section where you can edit the stud / brood settings.


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8/09/2022 7:17 pm

That's a bit strange. I would have never thought to look there as after I set my horse up, I never go to edit section again.



I thought it would have been on the main viewing page of the horse instead and not in a peculiar location that I hardly ever go to.



Thank you for the help nonetheless.

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