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MysteryPeace [Basic || 58 posts] on 8/02/2022 11:05 pm

If you have joined in the game since July 1, please comment when you joined and which of the following gifts you would like. Please only choose one.

Dead Line= Aug. 14



One set of random tack chosen by my spinner

200 bits

a free brood to one of my horses

a free stud to one of my horses

a free stud or brood to a horse on any farm under 1k

if you have any other ideas, let me know

Please choose only one prize.


For the rest of us, if you comment .Riddle Please. I will give you a riddle, then, if u get it right, choose one of the following prizes.


Tack from spinners choice

A horse from the market place for under 1k

A free stud/brood to any of my horses

let my handy dandy spinner choose one

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5/01/2023 10:26 am

Just noting this was last active August of last year and the host isn't super active, so just be aware this might not still be available. 


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