Hats off to Curly and Bedouin

Hana [Basic || 14 posts] on 8/01/2022 8:21 am

I just wanted to say how greatful I am for the HoFa team! 


This latest update with exploring has completly changed my opinion and mindset regarding the game! Before the update I would just occasionally log in to check on the horse or two that I had and to spend all my energy at the Mine before logging off for the day. I didn't have much money and felt that it was such a grind to get more since my horses didnt place well in shows and to spend time playing Higher or Lower took a fair amount of effort. 

Now with the new update in place, I have found myself prioritizing this game over others that I played and I have found ways to earn money without it being a huge grind. 

So, hats off to YOU Curly & Bedouin and the rest of the HoFa team for making this such an incredible game! I keep finding myself coming back for more! 

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