Talitha [Bronze || 130 posts] on 2/21/2022 9:00 pm

It would be really nice to be able to add another player into a friend/favorite list to easily navigate to them, especially if working together on a breeding project.


Somewhat related, I would love the ability to comment or react (thumbs up, heart) other's horses. It would be nice to congratulate a friend on a new foal etc. 

Tessa Birks

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2/28/2022 7:03 pm

I think this is a great idea! It would really help with breeding projects and make communication navigation easier! I would also love to have emojis or reactions in chats with other players!


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4/18/2022 9:50 am



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6/21/2022 11:55 pm



Maki Welcome Wagon

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6/22/2022 4:28 pm

I am surprised actually that friends aren't a thing already on here. Support


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3/08/2023 7:10 pm

I was just looking to see if anyone had suggested friends list. I wish we had some kind of option for that to keep track of players we know. Especially since I sort of find the mailbox system tedious. I can't really describe what bothers me about it. 


But I'd really enjoy having a friends list whether you can just add someone or it has to be mutual, if it notifies them or not.


Being able to react to someone's horses would also be neat. โค it's fun to interact with the community and show someone you like their pony. Potentially, profile page comments?  


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3/09/2023 11:27 am

Def agree!

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